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MedFlick is an independent platform to make people informed about various medical conditions & treatments available, as a personal note by the doctors to the people. It is a collaboration between care providers, doctors, patients, and our team to enlighten viewers with simple ways to attain and maintain good health. It facilitates patients with a direction to approach or to address a particular healthcare issue.
If your medical practice marketing strategy doesn’t include video, it’s time to rethink your approach. Videos by doctors create a connection, allowing patients to feel like you’re speaking directly to them.

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Medflick provides multiple videos where doctors discuss various topics related to healthcare, lifestyle, common to complex diseases their medical treatments as well as tells you about whom to consult.

We want you to
1. Be well informed about medical conditions and treatment modalities
2. Take the right approach and at the right time
3. Be 100% sure while making a decision for treatment.

We and Healthcare

We bring more than 5 years of experience in the healthcare industry, knowing and understanding the inside out of the patient journey.

Harshit Khandewal

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Google baba :) Introduced me to Medflick. I found it very interesting as it's an independent platform and one can listen to doctors on different medical problems and can even get answers to their queries.
I came across Dr. Sachin Kandhari's (IBS Hospital) video luckily on Medflick and came to know about Spinal Cord Stimulation. One of my friend got connected with IBS, who was not able to walk after his accident and was in immense pain. He got treated at IBS Hospital few days back under Dr. Sachin's treatment and now he's in his recovery phase. Kudos to Medflick for helping people in making the right health decisions.

Deepak Chaudhary

Knee Arthritis

A really helpful site. Apart from finding the right doctor for my arthritis, it also helped me to understand my condition even better. Makes the whole experience easier and worthwhile. Highly recommend it.

Sangeeta Arora

Knee Arthroplasty

I was suffering from knee pain from last couple of years, I have researched & met many doctors, but was not satisfied before I came across Dr. Ramneek Mahajan through Medflick, where I saw his video on Arthritis. I have consulted him for my knee pain, he answered each and every query without loosing patience. He has suggested some medicine and lifestyle changes before proceeding for the surgery. I would like to thank Medflick as it is helping patients and in clearing their doubts about their medical queries before visiting any doctor.

Sudhir Kumar Singh

Legs Injury/Paralysis

I was really very demotivated when I got to know about my paralysis. It was July 2016 when I met with an accident and got my legs injured. Doctors advised me for surgery but we were not aware of the complete procedure also was unsure about the result. But when I saw the video on Medflick, got know about the medical treatment done to get back the senses also because of getting aware I felt quite confident of getting better results.

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