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Is ICSI A Solution To Male Infertility? A Problem Very Less Talked About

In a developing country like India, where people don’t openly discuss about problems related to reproductive health, it is very important to reach out to the masses and educate them as growing ignorance and lack of proper knowledge about such issues not only gives rise to misconceptions and taboos but also prevents people from seeking proper medical help. Male infertility is one such problem which is very rarely addressed.

Normal Menstrual Pain Or Endometriosis? Know What Your Cramps Indicate

Experiencing abdominal and pelvic pain while you are on your periods is very natural. This pain is commonly referred to as menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea and is likely to be experienced by women before or during their periods. This usually begins with ovulation and is triggered by the elevated levels of prostaglandins-compounds which are released from the lining of the uterus. Prostaglandins play a crucial role in regulating a healthy menstrual cycle by helping the uterus to contract and relax, thereby enabling the endometrium to detach and flow out of your body in the form of menstrual blood.

Tips To Add Some Spark To Your Relationship

No matter how much you love your partner, there comes a time when your relationship becomes stagnant and starts to lose its spark. Owing to the increasing workload and busy lifestyle, it becomes very difficult to spend quality time with our partners. This often leads to a lack of communication and the relationship starts to lose its charm. Majority of couples opting for relationship counselling in India face this problem.

Should You Consider Egg Donation?

One of the most beautiful moments in the life of any woman is when she gives birth to a child. It is said that a child completes a woman by giving her a new life. But for some, all this is just a dream because not all women are healthy enough to conceive. There are a lot of health issues and conditions that can affect your ability to reproduce. Premature exhaustion of eggs is one such problem that can prevent a woman from conceiving. Egg donation by a healthy and fertile donor can help to give such women the gift of motherhood.

IVF: Myths Or Facts? What Do You Want To Believe?

In a country like India, infertility is not as big an issue as people perceive it. The reason behind this is a lack of proper knowledge owing to which we easily believe the age-old myths and stigmas. It is these myths that prevent people from choosing what is right for them. As per the leading IVF specialists in India, the advent of various assisted reproductive techniques and procedures has made it possible for childless couples to give birth to their own child.

Diagnosed With PCOS? Here’s All You Need To Know

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a very common endocrine disorder that affects 1 out of every 10 women of reproductive age. Recent reports have shown that almost 70 percent of the women with PCOS haven’t even been diagnosed.

Oocyte Cryopreservation: Paving Way For Life Changing Possibilities

Oocyte cryopreservation, commonly known as oocyte freezing is a highly advanced procedure offering a radical approach to pregnancy. The procedure has led to exemplary development in the field of assisted reproductive technologies by giving women the power to postpone their pregnancy without the fear of infertility.

5 Ayurvedic Techniques That Are Very Popular Nowadays

Ayurveda refers to the age-old, yet highly trusted method of treating various health issues using methods and techniques derived from nature. Deriving its roots from the Indian subcontinent, it is a well-acclaimed treatment option practised all over the world.

PAP Smear: Unfolding The Facts And Myths

Papanicolaou test, commonly known as PAP test, PAP smear or cervical smear, is a test used to screen the cervix for any malignant abnormality. Although the procedure can make you feel a little uncomfortable, it is highly accurate and gives reliable results.

Important Facts About Bone Marrow Cancer And Its Treatment

What is bone marrow cancer?
We all know that cancer is named after the body part or organ that is effects. Now bone marrow cancer, as the name suggests, is marked by the abnormal and unhealthy multiplication of malignant cells in the patient’s bone marrow.

Ovarian Cancer: All You Women Need To Read This

Ovarian cancer is the 3rd most common type of gynaecological cancer in India and the 7th most common type of cancer in the world, which is marked by the abnormal and uncontrollable growth of malignant cells in the ovaries or fallopian tubes. Ovaries are a part of the female reproductive system responsible for the production of the ovum. Ovarian cancer may be a result of many factors which may either be inherited or acquired.

Epidural Stimulation: Improving Lives After Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries can completely change the life of the patient by causing a permanent loss of motion, strength and sensation in the portion of the body below the site of the injury, which means that the patient may lose his/her ability to walk and become paralysed.

TAVI Or Conventional Surgery? Know What is Best For You

Surgery is usually the last resort of treatment for any chronic medical ailment and majorly aims at the restoration, replacement or removal of the affected organ. Surgeries have evolved over time and especially in the field of cardiology, where the advent of minimally invasive techniques and procedures has led to better results and increased chances at survival. Although procedures like TAVI-TAVR (Trans-catheter Aortic Valve Implantation/Replacement) have paved the way for new possibilities, we cannot simply neglect the perks of conventional surgery.

What Follows After A Spinal Cord Surgery

Undergoing a spinal cord surgery is definitely not a small deal and its results can be life-changing. The spinal cord coordinates various important functions and movements of our body by transmitting electrical signals from various organs to the brain and vice versa. There are around 10,000 to 12,000 cases of spinal cord injuries.

Is Anxiety Affecting Your Relationship?

Being slightly possessive and jealous in a relationship is quite normal but when these turn into obsession and start affecting your relationship with your partner, you might need to consult a psychologist. You must be thinking ‘Why a psychologist?’ Well, obsessive behaviour in a relationship is a sign of relationship anxiety, a problem marked by growing trust issues, fear of commitment, fear of being cheated, lowered self-confidence, insecurity, hiding things and guilt. Severe relationship anxiety ultimately results in broken relationships.

Spinal Cord Injury: Diagnosis, Treatment And Rehabilitation

Spinal cord injury can lead to life-changing after-effects which determine the quality of your life in the future. The injuries vary depending upon their cause, the intensity of pain, and the section of the spinal cord that is affected. These can lead to loss of movement, sensation and bladder control, increased spasms, pain, problems with breathing, change in sexual activity and infertility.

Obesity: An Open Invitation To Heart Problems

The increasing cases of various cardiovascular problems have become a cause of concern for doctors nowadays. For an obese person, problems like difficulty in breathing after walking just a few steps, chest pain and discomfort after meals, feeling tired all the time, fatigue and unnecessary stress, are very common. All these are the early signs of chronic heart problems that can lead to life-threatening consequences.

Your Weight May Be The Reason Behind Your Knee Pain

Is your knee pain holding you back from living your life to the fullest? Do you always have to give a second thought before indulging in any physical activity? Does climbing stairs lead to unbearable pain? All these are clear signs of arthritis. Arthritis is a medical condition caused by excessive wear and tear of the joints leading to chronic pain, inflammation, swelling and redness.

Ageing Before Time? You Need To Read This

What is the first thing that you notice while looking at yourself in the mirror? Your face, right? Well, that is something that we all love to do. Now imagine looking at your reflection in the mirror and noticing fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and decolouration, all signifying that your skin is ageing. You can avoid the topic for now but let’s face it, ageing is inevitable. But what if you are ageing before time?

Is Your Lifestyle Affecting Your Heart Health?

Ever wondered how your daily routine and lifestyle pattern may be affecting your heart? In this era of growing technological advancements, our ever-increasing dependence on machines has surely made our life easier but little do we realise what we are heading towards. All these have directly or indirectly promoted a stagnant and unhealthy lifestyle which has paved the way for various health issues, especially those related to your heart. Yes, you heard that right.

Bid Adieu To Your Knee Pain By Following These Simple Tips

Knee pain is a very common problem that affects a major part of the population and is usually associated with orthopaedic problems and injuries. The pain can range from mild to chronic depending upon its cause and the course of treatment is decided accordingly. Although pain killers can give you instant relief from the pain their effect subsides after some time.

ALERT: Your Chest Pain May Be An Indication Of Something Serious

Experiencing slight chest discomfort after a heavy and greasy meal is quite common but have you ever experienced chest pain without any possible reason?

People often tend to take their chest pain lightly mistaking it for normal acid reflux, chest infection and gastric problems. Although, these can be the potential causes of your chest pain sometimes the problem is more adverse than you think.

Stress And Ageing: An Inseparable Bond

The perception of beauty may vary from person to person but there is one thing that concerns almost all of us: Ageing. Ageing is inevitable and beyond our control but we do have the power to slow down the process. Yes, you can slow down your ageing process by making some simple lifestyle changes which include following a proper skincare routine and avoiding stress.

All You Should Know About Epidural Stimulation For Spinal Cord Injury

Also known as epidural electrical stimulation (EES) and epi-stim, Epidural stimulation for spinal cord injury (SCI), has gradually gained popularity in recent years. The procedure involves the use of electrical currents on the lower spinal cord in order to stimulate the nerves directly by bypassing the traditional brain-to-spinal-cord pathways.

All You Should Know About Spine Surgery

Well, in a layman’s term your spine is known as your backbone.

Aware of the fact that your backbone provides support to your body, by helping you stand, sit, bend, move and twist. Extending from the base of the skull to the extreme lower back and shaped like an ‘S’, the spinal column or vertebrae is a shield that covers the spinal cord against injuries.

Grogged Up Like Kabir Singh? 5 Evident-Based Ways To Prevent Your Crazy Hangover Guilt

Shahid Kapoor gets under the skin of his characters and the perfect example of the same can be seen in ‘Kabir Singh’ the remake of the Telugu hit Arjun Reddy. The actor has left no stone unturned to keep the original film's intensity and honesty alive and played the remarkable role of an alcoholic surgeon who is also self-destructive. According to the Actor, it is a phase that comes in everyone’s life. When a person feels that he has fallen apart he becomes self-destructive. He even added that people might even empathise with his character in the movie once they see his vulnerable state.

Kick Your Bad Cholesterol With 10 Heart-Healthy Snacks

Most of the people in India are crazy about food. Munching on an assortment of delicious, delectable delights is their favourite time pass. Snacking is not bad but what you choose to eat can impact your health. You might be surprised to learn that according to the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) heart disease is now the leading cause of death in India. And with more Indians diagnosed with cardiovascular-related issues every year, it’s important to understand what you can do to better protect your heart.

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