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TAVI Or Conventional Surgery? Know What is Best For You

Surgery is usually the last resort of treatment for any chronic medical ailment and majorly aims at the restoration, replacement or removal of the affected organ. Surgeries have evolved over time and especially in the field of cardiology, where the advent of minimally invasive techniques and procedures has led to better results and increased chances at survival. Although procedures like TAVI-TAVR (Trans-catheter Aortic Valve Implantation/Replacement) have paved the way for new possibilities, we cannot simply neglect the perks of conventional surgery.

Obesity: An Open Invitation To Heart Problems

The increasing cases of various cardiovascular problems have become a cause of concern for doctors nowadays. For an obese person, problems like difficulty in breathing after walking just a few steps, chest pain and discomfort after meals, feeling tired all the time, fatigue and unnecessary stress, are very common. All these are the early signs of chronic heart problems that can lead to life-threatening consequences.

Is Your Lifestyle Affecting Your Heart Health?

Ever wondered how your daily routine and lifestyle pattern may be affecting your heart? In this era of growing technological advancements, our ever-increasing dependence on machines has surely made our life easier but little do we realise what we are heading towards. All these have directly or indirectly promoted a stagnant and unhealthy lifestyle which has paved the way for various health issues, especially those related to your heart. Yes, you heard that right.

ALERT: Your Chest Pain May Be An Indication Of Something Serious

Experiencing slight chest discomfort after a heavy and greasy meal is quite common but have you ever experienced chest pain without any possible reason?

People often tend to take their chest pain lightly mistaking it for normal acid reflux, chest infection and gastric problems. Although, these can be the potential causes of your chest pain sometimes the problem is more adverse than you think.

Grogged Up Like Kabir Singh? 5 Evident-Based Ways To Prevent Your Crazy Hangover Guilt

Shahid Kapoor gets under the skin of his characters and the perfect example of the same can be seen in ‘Kabir Singh’ the remake of the Telugu hit Arjun Reddy. The actor has left no stone unturned to keep the original film's intensity and honesty alive and played the remarkable role of an alcoholic surgeon who is also self-destructive. According to the Actor, it is a phase that comes in everyone’s life. When a person feels that he has fallen apart he becomes self-destructive. He even added that people might even empathise with his character in the movie once they see his vulnerable state.

Kick Your Bad Cholesterol With 10 Heart-Healthy Snacks

Most of the people in India are crazy about food. Munching on an assortment of delicious, delectable delights is their favourite time pass. Snacking is not bad but what you choose to eat can impact your health. You might be surprised to learn that according to the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) heart disease is now the leading cause of death in India. And with more Indians diagnosed with cardiovascular-related issues every year, it’s important to understand what you can do to better protect your heart.

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