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Well, in a layman’s term your spine is known as your backbone.

Aware of the fact that your backbone provides support to your body, by helping you stand, sit, bend, move and twist. Extending from the base of the skull to the extreme lower back and shaped like an ‘S’, the spinal column or vertebrae is a shield that covers the spinal cord against injuries.

It is surprising to know that the spinal cord has 33 individual bones, interlocked with each other.

However, the spinal problems generally arise due to injuries, tumours, infection, cranio-vertebral dislocation or it can be age-related issues like disc-degeneration.

A term congenital deformity is common when talking about spine surgery or scoliosis and can be defined as a condition wherein the spine is curved in an abnormal pattern, leading to physical deformity i.e the person will have a bent/ curved back and may not be able to stand straight. In order to correct this deformity usually surgery is required in both children and adults.

When to see a doctor?

4 alarming symptoms that you should be aware of;

  1. Persistent back pain (upper/lower),
  2. Neck pain
  3. Numbness of the legs and hands
  4. Difficulty in movement (sit, stand or walk)

Types of spinal cord surgery

Due to the advancement of technology and innovations in medical sciences, the application of alternative procedures have become possible today which involves less pain and minimum risk. So, if your symptoms match with the above mentioned points then you can get a basic idea of the procedure through spinal cord injury surgery video.

Spine surgeries can be classified into two types;

  1. Open or conventional surgery
  2. Keyhole/minimally/minimally access spine surgery.

Many spinal conditions like disc problems (compression) and tumours can be treated through keyhole spine surgery or minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS).

How minimally invasive spine surgery better than traditional spine surgery?

Minimally invasive spine surgeries involve the use of special operative tools called tubular retractors. Being a highly advanced form of spine surgery, it involves very small incisions thus, leading to minimal damage to normal tissues and in turn, faster post-surgery recovery. Tubular retractors are however inserted through these small incisions, right into the spinal column, creating a tunnel-like opening to the area that needs to be operated on. The main objective of using this tool is to hold the muscles open and is kept throughout the procedure ensuring minimal blood loss and damage to the muscles, ligaments and bones when compared to open surgeries.

On the other hand, traditional open spine surgery involves the complete exposure of the anatomy which involves more risks and blood loss. The goals of both the surgical techniques are the same but major difference lies in the operating procedure.

5 advantages of minimally invasive spine surgery over traditional open spine surgery;

  1. Small surgical incisions leading to lesser tissue/ muscle damage
  2. Minimal blood loss and lesser pain
  3. Minimal consumption pain killers due to less damage and pain
  4. Fewer post-surgical complications including infections
  5. Minimal hospital stays and quicker recovery

Most importantly this surgical procedure is a boon for elderly people who are already weak to bear the pain, blood loss and risks like infections. At the same time, it is also useful for obese/ overweight patients as the healing time is lesser and they can start to walk the next day. Due to the various advantages, most of the patients and in fact doctors in most cases opt for minimally invasive spinal cord surgery in Delhi as the city has many super speciality hospitals offering specialised treatment.

The procedure is most commonly used in managing herniated lumbar disc causing sciatic pain. In this case, the patients are typically discharged on the same day. Along with the surgical skills, what matters here is the use of quality surgical equipment so, it becomes imperative to opt for the best spinal cord injury treatment in Delhi as being the capital the city has some good option available.

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