Epidural Stimulation: Improving Lives After Spinal Cord Injury

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Spinal cord injuries can completely change the life of the patient by causing a permanent loss of motion, strength and sensation in the portion of the body below the site of the injury, which means that the patient may lose his/her ability to walk and become paralysed.

Spinal cord injury not only affects a person physically but also has an excruciating psychological impact. It can be very difficult for a person to digest the fact that he/she might not be able to walk again. Since this is not the 18th century and medical science has made so many advancements over the years, it is possible for a spinal cord injury patient to get back on his feet and live a normal life.

Epidural stimulation is considered to be the best spinal cord injury treatment that has brought about a revolution in the medical world by paving the way for new possibilities and has become a source of hope for numerous patients. Although it does not guarantee complete treatment it surely helps to improve the quality of life. Epidural stimulation has helped

Why spinal cord injury is a cause of concern?

The spinal cord is one of the most important structures present in our body that connects the brain to all the other body parts and regulates the transmission of signals between the two. Hence spinal cord coordinates various important functions like movement, breathing, urination, bowel movements. It also controls our heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. The damage caused to the spine by an injury can lead to a drastic and lasting impact on our ability to perform all the above-mentioned functions. The patient is likely to experience the following problems.

  • Difficulty in walking best spinal cord injury treatment in India - Medflick
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Loss of sensation in limbs
  • Signs of shock
  • Sexual problems, especially erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Numbness in areas below the site of injury
  • Headache and unconsciousness.

What is Epidural stimulation?

Epidural stimulation is a highly advanced, non-invasive procedure that involves the continuous application of electric current to the lower part of the spinal cord with the help of a neurotransmitter device. This is done with the help of a tiny chip that is implanted on the spinal cord. The intensity and frequency of the current are measured with the help of a small remote. The nerve signals help to connect the otherwise interrupted nerve signals from the brain to the affected area. This increases the possibility of retrieving lost motion and sensation.

Epidural stimulation videos available on Medflick will help you to understand how the procedure is performed.

How epidural stimulation can change your life?

Epidural stimulation surely changes the life of the patient by offering the possibility of going back to a normal life. Patients undergoing spinal cord injury surgery are recommended to undergo epidural stimulation for proper rehabilitation and faster recovery. The various benefits of epidural stimulation include the following:

Return of movement - regular application of epidural stimulation therapy can help the patients to move their legs voluntarily i.e. at their own will. Within a few months and with proper exercise, the patient will show further progress.

Normal bladder and bowel function - spine injury can lead to the loss of bladder and bowel control. Epidural stimulation can help to reverse this problem as well.

Sexual return - studies have shown that epidural stimulation combined with certain activity-based training can help to increase sexual desire.

Psychological well-being - the consequences of spinal cord injury can be traumatising for the patient, often leading to depression. Positive changes with the help of epidural stimulation can help to enhance the patient’s mental well-being.

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