Is Your Lifestyle Affecting Your Heart Health?

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Ever wondered how your daily routine and lifestyle pattern may be affecting your heart? In this era of growing technological advancements, our ever-increasing dependence on machines has surely made our life easier but little do we realise what we are heading towards. All these have directly or indirectly promoted a stagnant and unhealthy lifestyle which has paved the way for various health issues, especially those related to your heart. Yes, you heard that right. The lifestyle that we follow has a direct and rather deep impact on our heart. Spending hours working on your laptops, eating junk and fast food, stressing unnecessarily, smoking, drinking and unhealthy sleep patterns, all prove to be fatal for your heart in the long run.

Plaque, which is one of the greatest enemies of our heart is a result of unhealthy eating habits. It can lead to stenosis in our arteries and valves. Although coronary artery blockage treatment, TAVI/TAVR and other such procedures can help you get rid of such problems, the chances of their recurrence are very high if you do not resort to healthy lifestyle changes.

Congestive heart failure therapy specialists in India suggest that one of the major causes of heart failure is that people do not mend their lifestyle even after being detected with a cardiovascular problem.

Patients undergoing cardiac attack treatment in Delhi as well as other parts of the country are recommended to meet a dietician and fitness counsellor as a part of their treatment as your physical fitness and well-being have a direct impact on your heart.

A study conducted by the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) has shown a considerable increase in the number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases from 1990 (1.3 million) to 2016 (2.8 million). This indicates that we are doing something wrong, something that is affecting our heart health, something, that needs to be changed. Scary, right? Although the facts are quite alarming, there is nothing to be scared of as long as you know the drill.

Consistency matters

Healthy lifestyle changes are a necessity in today’s world. This especially holds for over-weight and obese people as they are more vulnerable to heart problems. By now you must be thinking about joining a gym, eating healthy and giving up smoking and drinking. A lot of people make such resolutions but what matters the most is how long you stick to these.

Making healthy lifestyle changes though isn’t very difficult it ain’t easy as well. You need to prepare yourself mentally and make up your mind because there is no looking back. You can even consult a lifestyle or fitness counsellor for motivation, help and guidance.

Things you need to work on:

  • Eating habits - a well-balanced and nutritious diet can not only help to evade various health issues but also helps to improve your heart health. Avoid skipping meals as this can harm your body. Try experimenting with food using healthy ingredients. Although you need to cut down on the consumption of fast food, you do not have to refrain completely. Savour your favourite food on cheat days but make sure you work out a little extra to compensate for it. You surely don’t want to go through that guilt trip. Also, make sure that you stay hydrated.
  • Sleep pattern - Unhealthy sleep patterns can lead to elevated C-reactive protein levels in your body which is a leading risk factor for various heart problems. However, improving your sleep pattern may take a couple of days or even weeks as our body takes time to adjust to the new changes but once your body adapts to these, the journey is smooth uphill.
  • Psychological health - stress and anxiety due to excessive workload and pressure can be responsible for problems like eating disorder, poor sleep patterns, weight gain, smoking, and drinking which ultimately affect your heart health. Hence, your mental well-being is very crucial for the proper functioning of your heart.
  • Physical fitness - this is something that we are all aware of. Physical fitness is very important for regulating a healthy metabolism and this helps to strengthen your heart muscles and also helps to keep your weight under check. So put on your jogging shoes and kick-start your journey towards a healthy life.

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