Spinal Cord Injury: Diagnosis, Treatment And Rehabilitation

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Spinal cord injury can lead to life-changing after-effects which determine the quality of your life in the future. The injuries vary depending upon their cause, the intensity of pain, and the section of the spinal cord that is affected. These can lead to loss of movement, sensation and bladder control, increased spasms, pain, problems with breathing, change in sexual activity and infertility.

Proper diagnosis is extremely important for effective treatment. This is done by carrying out a series of tests that help to determine the adversity of the problem as well as the section of the spinal cord affected, making it easier for the doctors to target the problem in a better and proficient manner.

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The diagnosis is initiated through a thorough physical examination and careful inspection to check sensory function and movement. This is followed by certain tests which include X-rays, Computerised tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and comprehensive neurological exams. All these tests help the doctors to device out a proper medical protocol to treat the patient. There are numerous spinal cord injury surgery videos available online where you can see a variety of treatment procedures being performed on different patients. It is a proper and detailed diagnosis that helps the doctors to determine which procedure is to be performed for which patient. Epidural stimulation treatment in Delhi - Medflick


Although it is nearly impossible to reverse the damage caused by a spinal cord injury completely, ongoing advancements in the field have made it possible for the patients to live a quality life. The treatment procedures are continuously evolving, giving the patients a plethora of options to choose from. Spinal cord injury therapy in Delhi has been successful in reversing the effects of spinal cord injury to a huge extent.

Early treatment

When a patient is brought to the emergency room, the main focus is on preventing him/her from going into shock, immobilizing the upper body, and especially the neck to prevent further damage and maintain the ability to breathe.


Spinal cord surgery focuses on relieving pressure from the spinal cord, stabilizing the spine, preventing further damage, removal of foreign bodies and clots, repairing discs and fractures all of which together help to improve the quality of life. Lumbar injury treatment in Noida, for instance, has made it possible for many patients to regain lost movement and give them a better chance at life.

Foraminotomy helps to relieve unnecessary pressure from the spinal cord by enlarging the space around the bones. Devices like Interspinous process spacer are used to open the vertebral foramen to create extra space for your spinal cord and nerves without the removal of any bone.

Epidural stimulation involves the continuous application of mild electric currents to the lower part of the spinal cord with the help of a tiny chip. This helps to reverse a lot of problems related to spinal cord injury. The therapy focuses on reactivating the spinal circuits.


After the surgery, the major focus is on rehabilitation to ensure prompt recovery. Your doctors will guide you throughout by offering quality advice and tips. Physiotherapy can prove to be very helpful and is a must. Avoid vigorous activities. For the first few weeks following the surgery, you might require support for moving around. It is normal to experience pain occasionally but if the pain is persistent, you should inform your doctor immediately.

Proper diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation will help you to get back to your normal life.

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