Stress And Ageing: An Inseparable Bond

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The perception of beauty may vary from person to person but there is one thing that concerns almost all of us: Ageing. Ageing is inevitable and beyond our control but we do have the power to slow down the process. Yes, you can slow down your ageing process by making some simple lifestyle changes which include following a proper skincare routine and avoiding stress. You must be wondering how the latter can help you to reverse ageing. Surprisingly it’s true. Studies have shown a very deep connection between stress and ageing. The majority of people opting for anti ageing treatments in Delhi are suffering from stress which directly or indirectly accounts for their premature ageing.

Increasing workload, growing competition, family problems and health issues are the ultimate source of your stress. The problem is so common nowadays that you can even see small children talking about how stressful their life is.

Increasing views on anti ageing treatment videos clearly indicate the growing concern of people and it is quite natural. You don’t want to look old before time. Do you?

You must have read a lot of blogs about stress and how it affects different organs but today we are going to shed some light on the deep relation between stress and ageing, something that is not known to all but affect almost everyone.

How stress causes premature ageing

Getting rid of your wrinkles and other signs of ageing has become a piece of cake, especially with the use of Botox and advent of laser anti-ageing treatments which are available very easily. You can find some of the best packages for skin ageing treatments in Delhi. We have talked about the clinical treatment but do you know that you can subdue the signs of ageing by making healthy lifestyle changes and living a stress-free life? Wondering how?

Before answering the question, let us first try to understand how stress causes premature ageing. We all know that each cell in our body consists of 46 chromosomes which come from both of our parents. Each chromosome has two protective caps on either end. The medical term for these caps is telomere. Longer telomeres give you flawless and wrinkle-free skin, however shortening of telomere triggered by stress or any other reason can have a drastic impact on your skin’s elasticity thereby making you look older. That’s not all. Stress has also been found to be one of the major factors responsible for triggering smoking and drinking problems in people, which are bound to have a drastic and noticeable impact on your skin.

Steps to a radiant future:

By now you must have understood why stress is not good for your skin. Let us now talk about how you can tackle the problem to get a flawless and radiant skin.

Speak your heart out- don’t let the stress eat you up from within. Let it all out. Talk to your friends or any close family member. Sometimes it’s better to let things go.

Proper medical counselling- talking to a counsellor is one of the most basic steps that you should take as this can help you to fight stress most effectively.

Diet- a well-balanced and healthy diet is very important to replenish and rejuvenate your body cells. Keep yourself hydrated to avoid unnecessary headaches. Consumption of fish is highly recommended as omega 3 fats present in these help to regulate healthy adrenaline levels in your body that keep you cool and calm.

Avoid frowning- frowning is a very common side effect of stress. This can strain your facial muscles which in turn leads to fine lines and wrinkles.

Exercising- exercising is highly beneficial for your skin as well as for fighting stress. Go out for morning and evening walks. This will lighten up your mood and help to regulate a healthy metabolism which is good for your skin.

Abstain from smoking and drinking- These will only add to the problem. Try healthy homemade smoothies and fresh fruit juices. Studies have shown that red wine taken in moderate quantity can also help you to relieve stress and it also helps to slow down your ageing.

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