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Undergoing a spinal cord surgery is definitely not a small deal and its results can be life-changing. The spinal cord coordinates various important functions and movements of our body by transmitting electrical signals from various organs to the brain and vice versa. There are around 10,000 to 12,000 cases of spinal cord injuries.

Spinal cord injuries can severely affect this transmission of signals between the brain and the rest of our body leading to drastic consequences. Spine injury treatments in Delhi have been very successful in helping patients suffering from chronic spine injuries. The use of state of the art machines and equipment has helped to give promising results and considerably increased the success rate of spinal cord surgeries. However, the surgery alone can’t guarantee a better quality of life and needs to be followed by positive lifestyle changes and therapies.

If you see a spinal cord injury surgery video or read about the same online, you’ll notice the doctor talking about the importance of spinal cord stimulation therapy for proper rehabilitation. Spinal cord therapy in Delhi is offered at all the leading and well-acclaimed hospitals. You can find some of the best spine surgeons on Medflick.

As much as I want to praise the use of latest techniques and equipment for the high success rate of spinal cord surgeries, I would also like to shed light on the importance of a holistic approach that has led to phenomenal results. Spinal cord injury videos available online will add to your knowledge about the injury, its consequences, treatment options available and steps to recovery. Proper care and necessary precautions after the surgery are as important as the surgery itself.

After the surgery

Right after the surgery, the patient is shifted to the intensive care unit where he/she is kept under keen observation. All the vitals are checked from time to time to ensure there is no complication. Once the doctors have evaded the possibility of any complication, the patient is shifted to a separate room.

Before discharging the patients, the doctors give a small brief about lifestyle changes that are to be undertaken and various dos and don’ts that will help in better and faster recovery. Spine injury treatments in Delhi - Medflick

Patients are likely to experience pain and discomfort after the surgery and may also be recommended to take pain killers for the same. However, this is temporary and there is nothing serious to worry about. Do not take any medicine on your own without proper prescription.

The dressing needs to be changed occasionally to avoid any risks of infection. Keep your wound clean and covered at all times.

Avoid indulging in rigorous physical activities, bending your back, lifting heavy objects as these can lead to unnecessary strain on your spine thereby hindering prompt recovery. You will have to take a small break from your sexual life as well. Before resuming any physical activity, do not forget to consult your surgeon.

Physiotherapy should be started as soon as possible. This not only speeds up the healing process but also helps to improve mobility and range of motion. This includes lightweight exercises, Incentive spirometry, deep breathing techniques, assisted cough and respiratory treatment, tilting, sitting balance exercises and transfer training for weight transfer.

Take care of your diet and try to maintain a healthy weight. Excessive body weight can increase the post-surgical complication. A trained dietician can help you with the same.

Regular health check-ups are also important to track your progress and make sure that the rehabilitation programme is proving to be beneficial for you.

It is very important to keep all these things in mind if you are planning to undergo a spinal cord surgery. Proper knowledge and guidance can help to avoid a lot of complications and give you a better chance at a normal life.

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