ALERT: Your Chest Pain May Be An Indication Of Something Serious

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Experiencing slight chest discomfort after a heavy and greasy meal is quite common but have you ever experienced chest pain without any possible reason?

People often tend to take their chest pain lightly mistaking it for normal acid reflux, chest infection and gastric problems. Although, these can be the potential causes of your chest pain sometimes the problem is more adverse than you think.

Frequent chest pain can be an indication of serious cardiovascular problems that can prove to be fatal without proper prognosis. Chest pain can be a sign of chronic problems like Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), Heart attack (Myocardial infarction), Pericarditis, Mitral Valve Prolapse and Coronary Artery Dissection. Recent advancements in the medical world have made it possible to detect and treat such problems with the help of proper examination and screening. If taken for granted, such problems can lead to heart failure which ultimately calls for the need of a heart transplant or other heart failure treatment options.

Cardiac transplant surgery in Delhi is offered at all the leading hospitals and has been highly successful in helping patients suffering from various end-stage heart diseases.

Time and again doctors have emphasized on the importance of regular heart check-ups but how many of us actually opt for it? Lack of proper knowledge about chest pain, its types and causes, has given rise to many myths and misconceptions which have only added to the problem. My motto here is not to scare you but to help you understand why you shouldn’t take your chest pain lightly. Doctors offering the best cardiac surgery in Delhi suggest that catching the early signs of any heart-related problem can help you to get rid of it in the initial stages thereby preventing any further damage as well as minimize the complications which are a part of any treatment procedure.

Why regular heart check-ups are a must?

If you have a family history of a serious cardiovascular problem, it is likely to increase your chances of acquiring the same. Chest pain in such patient naturally calls for the need for immediate medical assistance. The problem is not always serious but it’s better to take all the precautions to get yourself assured. While chest pain is considered to be a vital sign of a heart attack, there are cases where the patient has experienced a heart attack without any prior chest pain. Hence, if you fall in the risk category, regular visits to the cardiologist are a must irrespective of whether you are experiencing chest pain or not.

Is your chest pain a sign of heart attack?

Chest pain may vary depending upon its cause and while some people experience a sharp, burning sensation, some experience a very dull and squeezing ache. If you are experiencing unbearable chest pain, try taking antacids. If this does not work, contact a specialist immediately for proper evaluation. Try to be calm and take deep breaths. Do not take any medicine on your own and wait for proper medical help. If your chest pain is accompanied by symptoms like cold sweats, breathlessness, dizziness, irregular heartbeats and fatigue, call your family or friends to assist you till medical help arrives. Proper knowledge of heart attack primary treatment is very important especially if you or any of your family members have a medical history of heart problems.

Take your chest pain as an alarm and start working on improving your heart health for a carefree future. It is very important to abstain from all the habits that can prove to be fatal for your heart. Try to eat healthy and add more greens to your diet. Avoid red meat and saturated fats. Keep your weight under check and work on your physical fitness.

If you have already undergone heart surgery or are taking any kind of heart-related medication, follow up with your doctor on a regular basis.

Avoid unnecessary stress. Do not hesitate to take help from a counsellor.

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