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Breast reduction, also known as breast mammoplasty, is a highly advanced surgical procedure in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery that involves the removal of excess fat, tissues and skin from the breasts to reduce their size. The procedure is surely a blessing for women who face a lot of problems owing to their large and heavy breasts. You can find breast reduction procedure videos online on Medflick.

Breast reduction surgery can help to reduce your cup size from D to A or B, depending upon your preference. 

Downsides of large breasts

As per the best breast reduction surgeons in India, people with large breast size, which is disproportionate to their body, tend to experience a lot of problems which include:

  • Persistent back and neck pain, headache and rashes. 
  • Wrong body posture which ultimately affects the curvature of the spine. 
  • Some women even find it difficult to socialise due to embarrassment.
  • Makes it difficult to take part in sports and various other activities. 
  • High risks of infection and rashes in the lower part of the breasts.
  • Makes it difficult to fit into your bra and clothes. 

The best candidate for the surgery

Breast reduction is considered to be the best option for young females with virginal hypertrophy and women experiencing a post-partum increase in the size of breasts. It is also recommended to women planning to lose excess body weight. 
However, this can be slightly complicated in the case of young females as doctors have to preserve the lactation apparatus and sensations. 

Surgical protocol

  • Consultation-One of the most important parts of the surgical protocol is proper consultation. It is important to get your overall health evaluated to make sure that you are an eligible candidate. Thetop breast reduction specialists in Indiamake sure that you are well informed about the procedure, its benefits and associated risks before initiating the procedure. 
  • Accurate imaging-Proper screening and imaging are very important to help the doctors to determine the surgical approach they want to follow. This include lab tests and baseline mammogram.
  • Surgery-The surgery is carried out by making incisions around the areola on both the breastsand removing the excess fat using the technique of liposuction. The areola and nipples might be removed and attached at a higher position which helps to reshape the breasts and make them more firm. The whole surgery may be performed as an out-patient procedure which lasts for about 3 to 4 hours. 
  • Post-surgery- for the first few days following the surgery, your breasts might feel slightly tender and sensitive which is quite natural. You will be asked to wear a sports bra or an elastic compression bra and avoid underwire bras. Your doctor may recommend certain painkillers and antibiotics to negate the risks of infection.

Breast reduction surgery gives long-lasting and promising results with almost no chances of the breast size growing back. However, if the patient gains a tremendous amount of weight, i.e. around 20 to 30 kg, there is a chance that her breast size may also increase. 

Cost expenditure

The procedure will cost you around 1 to 1.5 lakhs in any standard corporate hospital. 

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